Role and Responsibilities of a Christian Teacher


Welcome to the Role and Responsibilities of a Christian Teacher online course presented by Shaun Webber, Assistant Director of ACSI Southern Africa.

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By completing this Role and Responsibilities of a Christian Teacher online course, Christian educators in both public and independent schools will be able to support the children in their understanding of life through scripture.

Your Instructor

Shaun Webber
Shaun Webber

Shaun Webber is the assistant Director of ACSI. Some of his roles include the visiting of schools, serving on advocacy boards that represent independent schools, facilitating teacher training workshops and conferences, and building relationships with schools, their heads, teachers and their learners. He has taught in both Public and Independent schools, managed counselling centres, headed up Life Orientation departments, been a youth pastor and travelled around the world extensively. He is a firm believer in life experience and that God will make use of every aspect of your life if you’re willing to allow Him to do so.